What is Overspray

Over spray is caused due to air born paint particles during a painting project. This problem is very common on construction sites. Cars parked near the painting project are then covered with a fine coating of paint particles usually carried through wind covering cars up to one kilometer away. There are many different types of paint, which can bond to the cars and can’t be removed easily.


Industrial fallout

Industrial fallout can come in many different forms; one of the most common forms is metal particles or dust. Fine metal particles become air born similar to overspray paint and settle onto cars. Once the metal particles settle they can then rust through moisture, which causes them to bond to the car. Removing the rusted metal particles can be a difficult process depending on the type of metals.



Acid Rain

Acid rain is another form of Industrial fallout. Pollutants traveling in the atmosphere can mix with rain, which settles on the car. After the chemical settles on the car it can cause staining on the cars duco and glass. Removing these stains generally wont come off with a standard cleaning procedure, this type of problem needs professional attention.