Car Detailing Melbourne

Car Detailing Melbourne trading as The Overspray Removalists and all detailing are committed to detailing your car or truck to the highest standard. We not only do Car Detailing but we also specialise in removing all sorts of foreign matter from your cars paint work.

As you can see in some of our images below we can deal with extreme paint work damage. 

If a vehicle is parked near a fire the smoke can cause soot to bind to the cars duco, glass, rubbers, plastics and mouldings. Once the soot has cooled it binds to the vehicles duco and parts. The Overspray removalists can safely remove the soot from the vehicle and its parts and bring the car back to its original condition. Any smoke smells can also be removed depending on the severity of the damage. We use only nonabrasive cleaning methods to remove the soot from the vehicle and its parts and if a part needs replacing we can organize this to be done. We can deal directly with most insurance companies if a clam needs to be made.




Give us a call and we will give you a quote to detailing your car or Truck. 


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