Our Process

We have developed a unique overspray removal process that no other company provides. We are the only company in Australia that focus and specialize only on Overspray and fallout removal.


The overspray paint removal process involves:

  1. Our clients can be assured that all products used are tested over many years of experience in overspray removal.
  2. Only the best equipment used to repair your vehicle from any type of overspray damage.
  3. Personal service with the managers of The Overspray Removalists "You'll know who's handling your vehicle!"
  4. A pre works examination report is to be read and signed by owner of the vehicle.
  5. We always encourage a complete examination of the vehicle with the owner pre works so that all technical details are clearly explained. 
  6. Repair, removal, and restoration  so that no further weather damage occurs during our cleaning process.
  7. Before we attempt to remove any of the overspray or fallout we wash the vehicle with high quality wash and wax and make sure the surface is 100% clean from dirt and pollutants. 
  8. Depending on the type of  damage, we will use only non abrasive cleaning procedures supplied by only the best suppliers.
  9. After we have completed the the process of removing all overspray or fallout we will glaze and hand polish the vehicle, in many cases the vehicle will look better then it ever has.
  10. If there is any pre existing fallout on the vehicle we will also remove it and we check for any issues that may be repaired during the process.
  11. The products we use are high quality and  many are imported from Germany
  12. We only use products that are safe and non damaging to car parts like plastics and mouldings
  13. All materials used have been properly tested for safety.
  14. After repairs have been completed a standard release form is signed.