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For over twenty five years, The Overspray Removalists are the number one overspray removal and overspray claims Management Company. The Overspray Removalists has removed all types of overspray damage. Our unique non-abrasive methods - used by hand - provide the safest method for removing overspray debris from vehicles, trucks, boats, aircraft, and effected buildings. We remove all types of overspray and industrial fallout, such as; epoxy, urethane, polyurethane foam, soot, iron filings, industrial fallout, graffiti, cement, concrete sealers, cement and concrete splatters, and spray paint, just to name a few. We are experienced and we remove all these element without causing any damage to your property.

We are a mobile business so we go where the problem is saving time and inconvenience, we are experienced on building sites and work closely with contractors, insurance companies, self- insured entities, and individuals to help solve their overspray problems as quickly and cheaply as possible. As we are experts at removing overspray from mouldings and trim, we have saved insurance companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. Moulding replacements on a car can be as much as three thousand dollars, and more on larger vehicles. Every overspray job has different issues to deal with and some surfaces being porous need specialized attention.


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